【Tea Time】Cool Maid’s Daily Sexual Service (クールなメイドの性処理ご奉仕生活) 【日本語字幕付き・英語音声】

作品タイトル:Cool Maid’s Daily Sexual Service (クールなメイドの性処理ご奉仕生活) 【日本語字幕付き・英語音声】
サークル:Tea Time
ジャンル:逆転無し, メイド, ラブラブ/あまあま, ほのぼの, 妊娠/孕ませ, ノーマルプレイ, 男性受け



Morning wood is such a pain, isn’t it?
Waking up with such a hard erection isn’t nearly as fun as it sounds, especially when there are others around…
or in your case, a pent-up maid with a tendency to come into your room uninvited…

You’ve been able to “handle” the problem before anyone comes in, but you know your days are limited.
Sure enough, your head maid comes in to wake you up earlier than usual one morning, only to be greeted by your raging hard-on.
As you feel your dignity slowly drain out of your body, some unexpected words rattle inside your brain;

“Very well. I suppose I have no choice but to give my Master a hand.”

And with those words, comes an arrangement you would never have dreamed of happening.
Your cool maid expertly uses her body to get you off, and that means handjobs, blowjobs, titjobs, and more! Anything you want, she’ll happily do for you.
Better yet, the more she provides service, the more affectionate she becomes!





Track Introduction/トラック紹介

Track 1 – It is my duty to serve you in any way that I can (15:28)

Some important paperwork has arrived, and Celica wakes you up earlier than usual.
After refusing to leave the bed, you are forced to remove your comforter, revealing your morning wood. Embarrassment quickly turns to bewilderment as your cool maid quickly begins licking your raging member. And so, your mandatory morning “service” begins.

Play content: Fellatio/Cum Swallowing

トラック1 どんなことでもあなたのお役に立つことが私の務めです (15:28)


プレイ内容: フェラチオ
Track 2 – Melting between two soft pillows (13:39)

If your mind is constantly in a horny state, you can’t focus on work. To combat this problem, Celica uses various techniques to get you off every morning.

Play content: Titjob/Fellatio/Cum swallowing

トラック2 ふたつのやわらかい枕の間でとろける (13:39)


プレイ内容: パイズリ/フェラチオ/飲精
Track 3 – Morning baby play (16:05)

You want to be spoiled more than usual, and make a request to be babied for once. Forget about your duties as a master, and allow yourself to be gently pulled into Celica’s sweet embrace…

Play content: Fleshlight masturbation/Breastfeeding/Baby talk

トラック3 朝の赤ちゃんプレイ (16:05)


プレイ内容: オナホ/授乳/ベビートーク
Track 4 – Celica’s slightly jealous kissing punishment (19:38)

Post nut clarity’s been hitting harder than usual. Despite being told otherwise, you are seriously beginning to question whether or not it’s okay to have your head maid get you off every morning. You devise a genius strategy to rub a few out before she comes to your room.

Celica sees through your deception almost instantly and provides “Punishment” for her selfish Master.

Play content: Kissing/Flirting in bed/Teasing

トラック4 セリカのちょっと嫉妬深いキスのお仕置き



プレイ内容: キス/ベッドでいちゃいちゃ/いじわる
Track 5 – A sweet first time (13:59)

The punishment didn’t go as planned, and your erection came back in full force! Who could have guessed? (¬¬)

Not to worry, the head maid has got it covered! On this particular morning, Celica will lead you to the sweetest orgasm you’ve ever known.

Play content: Kissing/Missionary sex/Condom sex/confession

トラック5 甘い初体験 (13:59)



プレイ内容 キス/正常位/ゴムありセックス/告白
Track 6 – A maid who can’t control her lust (25:16)

Unable to hold herself back any longer, Celica sneaks into your room at night, intent on having a child. Your body is ravaged as you find yourself helpless against the whims of your typically composed maid.

Play content: Sneaking into your room/Making out/Cowgirl sex/Whispering “I love you” repeatedly/Creampie(x2)/Impregnation

トラック6 欲望を抑えられないメイドさん (25:16)


プレイ内容: 夜這い/イチャイチャ/騎乗位/「好き」と何度も囁く/中出し(2回)/孕ませ

Duration: 1 Hour 44 Minutes
収録時間 1時間 44分


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Heroine: Celica (セリカ)

Cool Maid's Daily Sexual Service (クールなメイドの性処理ご奉仕生活) 【日本語字幕付き・英語音声】 [Tea Time]

The head maid of the manor, Celica has been taking care of you for as long as you can remember. Loves you dearly, but her icy exterior and forthright attitude make it hard for you to accept her true feelings. Since she has been your primary caretaker since childhood, she knows your body extremely well. This, combined with a wealth of sexual knowledge, will leave you reeling in pleasure every time she provides “service” for her Master.



CV: Sultry Lamp (https://twitter.com/SultryLampVA )

Illustration: のらだ。(https://twitter.com/tktiau )

Logo: にんじん (https://twitter.com/akaicarrot_dsg )

Translation: 神在ほたる (https://twitter.com/hotaocten )

Scenario/Editing: Tea Time (https://twitter.com/TeaTime_ASMR )

–Sound effects–
Die Brust – Various Sound Effects 100

Die Brust – Various Sound Effects 100 2

Atelier Honey – ASMR Sound Collection

C-LoveR – A Pinch of SFX Materials

(Subtitle Text: Japanese / Voice: English)
(English product description provided by the creator.)